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The Journal of Systems Thinking (JoST) (ISSN 2767-3847) is a rolling, online-only, open-access, free-to-publish, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to basic scientific research, innovation, and public understanding in the areas of Systems Thinking (cognitive complexity), Systems Mapping (visual complexity), Systems Leadership (organizational complexity), and Systems Science (ontological complexity). 

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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Diversity & Universality in Systems Thinking

The field of systems thinking may be in the midst of a sea change event—a 'fourth wave' predicated on the search to identify universal patterns that unify the diversity of frameworks and methods in the field as well as, perhaps, knowledge and disciplines in general. It is critically important that the field of systems thinking resolve what Bateson called a 'double bind' between a diversity of methods and the universality of patterns that underlies them. Furthermore, the best candidate theories, grounded in evidence, must be vetted and reviewed. JoST's Special Issue on Diversity and Unity will frame the debate. Thus, we issue a Call for Papers—an open and invited call for papers responding to the paper:

Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L. and Midgley, G. (2021) The Four Waves of Systems Thinking. In, Routledge Handbook of Systems Thinking, (Eds) Cabrera, D., Cabrera, L. and Midgley, G. Routledge. London, UK. 

  • We are inviting notable experts on the topic as well as providing an open, general call for response papers.
  • Submissions can be any length up to 8000 words.
  • Use this form to notify us that you intend to submit a paper.
  • Submit response papers on a rolling basis.
  • To Submit to this Special Issue access the target paper here and submit your paper here.

Please feel free to share this notice and the image below on social media or with your department, organization, and/or advanced graduate students. 

JoST Special Issue on Universality